Tailgating Trailers, Corporate Event Trailers, Towable Party & Promotional Trailers For Sale

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Tailgate Trailers, Corporate Event Trailers, Promotional Trailers & Towable Party Trailers For Sale

We specialize in creating innovative tailgating trailers, corporate event trailers, and towable party trailers with a high level of quality, functionality and style.

Our Focus:

At Ready-2-Roll Trailers, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations of service, quality, and flexibility.  We use only the highest level of quality products in the RV industry and have skilled team members designing and building each trailer.  Our sales and customer support teams are dedicated to establishing a long-term relationship with each customer. 

Our customers have shown they want to push the envelope with design and innovation.  Therefore, we offer our customers the opportunity to completely customize their trailers.  We encourage new ideas and work closely with each customer during the design phase.  If this is you, our ‘Built Your Way’ package option is the perfect solution.  We will start with a consultation over the phone to discuss your vision and provide feedback.  A custom quote and engineered CAD drawing will be provided for your review and approval.  You will be kept up to date throughout each phase of the build, and we will be available for questions.  If you dream it, we can build it. 

Ready-2-Roll Trailers sees the demand for the best tailgating, marketing, and party trailers with a proven record of accomplishment. We understand that not everyone has the time to research options for a custom build.  For those customers, we have developed package options simplified into categories of size and budget.  This provides the flexibility of a fully custom trailer without having to worry about the research and time required to organize ideas and designs. Each trailer package guarantees superior quality and accessories to assure you will be set up within minutes of arriving at your next event.

Trailer Designs and Options:

Ready-2-Roll Trailers has developed package options of our most popular trailers for our customers to become familiar with. From our most basic design package, ‘The Handyman’, to the extreme ‘Hall of Fame’ package, each trailer comes with everything needed for a successful outdoor event.  The design and workmanship of our trailers ensures our customers are ready to enjoy their next event within minutes.

With our large range of custom options you can enjoy our trailers for anything from sporting events to birthday parties.  We have customers that use our trailers all year long. From football games or hunting in the fall to races or fishing in the spring.  Corporations custom wrap their trailers to market their products and services while using them to entertain clients. The use of our event and marketing trailers are endless because of their portability and functionality. 


With many years in the trailer industry, our team understands what is required to build a quality trailer while offering a competitive price within our customers' budget.  Ready-2-Roll Trailers has had the privilege to work with Fortune 500 companies, large private companies, event marketing companies, trailer rental companies, and the weekend tailgater.  No budget is too large or too small for our team to tackle.  Give us an opportunity today to earn your business.

Trailer Warranty:

Ready-2-Roll Trailers has teamed up with one of the largest RV and trailer manufactures in the nation to provide you with the most extensive warranty possible.  Because our trailers are sold throughout the country, we provide warranty flexibility our customers desire when purchasing a high-end entertainment trailer.  With numerous manufacturing plants and authorized service centers throughout the country, we make it easy for you to get the help you need. Warranty issues rarely arise, but rest assured that we are always available to help resolve any issues or questions. Warranty terms vary depending on options and axle specifications.